Regulation Ruling the Competition

These competition regulations are part of the agreement between the organizer and the participants. The interpretation of the rules and regulations is at the organizer's discretion.


1. Competition

1.1  The event is carried out in the listed categories. Everyone who has reached the age prescribed in the inscription may start.

1.2  The time limit is 5:30 hours (based on transponder timing). Participants who do not cross the finish line within 5:30 hours are not being classified.

1.3  The race course was measured according to the regulations of the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS).

1.4  Transponders will be used for time measurement. All participants of the Zurich Marathon will receive a precoded transponder along with their start number. The transponder must be returned after crossing the finish line. Transponders that have not been returned until May 2018, will be charged with a fee of CHF 60.-. Participants may not use their own transponder.

1.5  Participants must follow the instructions given by the race course personnel. Private escort of participants on bicycles and such is not allowed. Short cuts and any other deviations from the set course are prohibited. Final decisions regarding disqualifications are taken by the technical directors of the organizing committee.

1.6  A general ban on driving applies on the race course.

1.7  Starting at km marker 3.5 a food and beverage stand can be found every 3.5 km. Food and beverages may not be handed out by private parties.

1.8  All runners who cross the finish line within the time limit of 5:30 hours (transponder timing) will receive a finisher medal and an exclusive finisher performance T-Shirt.


2. Registration

2.1 Registrations may be done on the Internet or by payment order. Registrations by phone, fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

2.2 It is at the discretion of the organizer to disqualify participants at all times and without reimbursement of the start sum if false indications concerning personal data have been made or if there is a strong suspicion that participants have taken forbidden substances (doping) before going to the start.

2.3 If a participant cannot start following an illness, with or without medical certificate, there will be no right of compensation of the start sum. Online registrations that have wrongly been done twice shall not be reimbursed but will authorize to a free start at the Zurich Marathon of the following year.

2.4 There exists the possibility to take out a cancellation costs insurance of the paid start sum through In case of an illness or an accident, the insured will get the paid start sum credited (upon showing a medical certificate) through a voucher by Datasport.

2.5 If the race cannot be carried out or only partially following a case of force majeure, extraordinary risks or public order, there is no right of compensation of the start sum.



3. Responsibility

3.1 Runners participate in the Zurich Marathon at their own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility in cases of illness or accidents. The participants are responsible for showing up at the start in good shape and well trained.

3.2 Participants are responsible for providing their own insurance. Each participant must have an accident insurance.

3.3 Also the organizer declines any responsibility for spectators and third parties.

3.4 The organizer is not responsible for objects stored free of charge.


4. Fight against doping

For this competition the actual doping statute of Swiss Olympic is applied. Doping controls may be undertaken. With their participation, the athletes admit the anti-doping rules of Swiss Olympic and accept the exclusive responsibility of the disciplinary commission for doping cases of Swiss Olympic as well as of the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne under exclusion of the ordinary courts. Dopinglist



5. Data protection declaration

The following provisions apply for the recording and use of your personal data at the realization of our race event.

5.1 Which data are being processed?

For a correct registration and carrying out of our race event the blanks with a * of the registration form have to be duly filled in. You have the possibility to register other persons. In this case we can assume that you are entitled to give us the data of this person. The indication of your mobile phone number or your e-mail address for the providing of information concerning the event occurs by you on a voluntary base. In case of an online registration the indication of the e-mail address is compulsory as we need it for the confirmation and possible queries.

5.2 Administration of your personal data

For the carrying out of the race event as well as the electronic saving and processing of your data we are working with external specialized firms. These firms are processing your personal data on our behalf. With an online registration you have the possibility to amend any time your own data through an own electronic user account at

5.3 Approval for data processing

With the registration you consent to the publication of name, first name, year of birth, domicile, start number, competition time and rank in the start and rank lists of the event. This consent applies for the publication in the internet, in the print media, on TV and also via teletext as well as for the noticing of lists and speaker announcements. The photos and videos made in association with our race event can be used on TV, internet, in our own advertising means, magazines and books without compensation rights.

Without your written information at the postal or email address below up to a week preceding the event, your name, postal and email address may be handed over to partners (e.g. photo and video service) for services or advertising purposes as well as upon request to sponsors for specific addresses in relation with the race event. Furthermore, we are entitled to hand over the indications to other organizers of the association Swiss Runners in order to obtain information on further race events.

5.4 Further information and contact

For more information on the issue of data protection we refer to our detailed “data protection policy”. In case you have questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us: Zurich Marathon Association, POB, 8036 Zurich or info(at)



6. Organization

6.1 The Zurich Marathon Association is the organizer of the 16th Zurich Marathon

6.2 Zurich is the place of jurisdiction.

6.3 Changes made by the organizer are under reserve.


May 2016