Beverages and Food

The official food partner is PowerBar.

Food and beverages will be distributed in this order (top to bottom).


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Valais (water)

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei                        







Valais: A unique source   POWERGEL


Mineral properties of high quality for an unbeatable taste.


With a high quality and due to its purity from origin to the source, the mineral water Valais is unique due the nature and the quality of its components.


The Montis source exclusively dedicated to the mineral water Valais, filters during 10 years through multiple layers of rock formation. During all these years, the mineral water enriches in calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals elements, all essential to our organism. By its purity from origin, the natural mineral water is of very high standard on a microbiological point of view and is not treated before been bottled. Thus a natural product with high quality has emerged through the Alps of the Valais.



Gel with special carbohydrate mix and sodium. 1 PowerGel delivers about 27g carbohydrates.


Flavors @ Zurich Marathon:

strawberry-banana, black currant (with caffeine)




Isotonic Sports Drink with 5 Electrolytes and special carbohydrate mix. 1 serve (33g in 500ml water) delivers about 29g carbohydrates.


Flavor @ Zurich Marathon: lemon



Energy bar with special carbohydrate mix including sodium and magnesium. 1 PowerBar Energize delivers about 38g carbohydrates.


Flavors @ Zurich Marathon:

banana, vanilla and berry



Rivella Pepsi   ERDINGER Alkoholfrei              

march 2016 version, subject to modifications.