Start - Finish

The marathon will start at 8:30 a.m. at Zurich Mythenquai.

All competitors must cross the finish line until 2:00 p.m.

The starting point is located at Zurich Mythenquai. The walking distance from the clothes bag check to the starting point is 400m.


Please make sure to be in your performance sector at least 15 minutes before the race will start. The sectors are divided by expected finishing times and are appropriately color-coded and marked. Please choose the sector that matches your expected performance time. Fair play! Your race time will not be clocked until you pass the red mat on the ground at the starting line.


Performance sectors = color of start numbers  
elite white  
3h 05' red  
3h 06' - 3h 25' gray  
3h 26' - 3h 47' yellow  
3h 48' - 4h 10' blue  
4h 11' - 5h 30' green  




Time limit: 5:30 (transponder timing)

With respect to residents along the race course and the road traffic, there is a maximum time limit of 5:30 hours for completing the race. Runners who are not within the required time limit have to return the transponders. Runners, who do not reach the turning point in Meilen until 12.00 p.m. have to hand over their transponder and number bib.


Is this your first marathon race? If you are able to complete a half-marathon in less than 2:15 hours, you should be able to reach the finish line of the Zurich Marathon within the required time limit.

Timing / Transponder

Transponders will be used for time measurement. All participants at the Zurich Marathon will receive an integrated transponder within their number bib. You will find all necessary information regarding the transponder on the back of your number bib. Your time will not start until you cross the starting line. It is important that your transponder is returned to the collectors once you cross the finish line. If there is nobody to take your transponder, please return it at the info desk at the finish area or mail it in a lined envelope to: Datasport AG, Postfach 117, 4563 Gerlafingen. Runners who do not return their transponder will be charged (from May 2018) CHF 60.-. Participants are not allowed to use neither their own personal or other timing devices.


Intermediate times

Your split times will be stopped at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the marathon.