13th Zurich Marathon 19th April 2015

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April 19th + birthday = free entry

You can start for free if your date of birth is the 19. April!

Write here:info(at)zuerichmarathon.ch




Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

70 % off all participants achieve their personal best time in the fasted city in Switzerland.

The course is laid out in a way that you have the best conditions for bettering your personal best time.


Marathon, Teamrun or Cityrun?

It doesn`t matter which distance you choose - be part of this happening and experience Zurich

together with thousands of other running enthusiasts while running your personal best record time!

13th Zurich Marathon 2015

We are looking forward to see all of you again next year on 19th April 2015! Register now here!

12th Zurich Marathon all pictures videostream